Treat Causes, Not Symptoms

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Causes, not symptoms

Let us help you address root causes

When the check engine light flashes on your dashboard, you can either pop the hood and FIX the problem, or you can just treat this annoying little symptom by covering the light up with duct tape or surgically removing the light bulb.  Dealing with root causes creates better outcomes.  Covering up symptoms with bandaids creates poor outcomes.  There is a reason the United States has the worst health outcomes, by far, than any other industrialized country in the world.  It is because we are experts at treating symptoms instead of root causes.  This is why we have the shortest lifespans, highest infant mortality rates and highest disease rates of all industrialized nations (all while spending the most money doing it). 


If you weren’t born with it, you probably don’t need to keep it.

First heart attack records
The first heart attack ever recorded in the United States medical literature was in 1912 and there was only 1.
Heart attack statistics
Today heart disease is the top killer with over 600.000 deaths per year. 
Cancer Statistics
Cancer rates have gone from 1 in 20 to 1 in 2 over the last 100 years.
Autoimmune diseases
There are now 100 modern autoimmune diseases.  
Chronic diseases in children
54% of American kids have a chronic disease.
obesity stats
 50% of Americans will be obese (not just overweight) by 2030. 
Low Sperm Count
 Sperm counts have dropped almost 60% in 40 years.

All of these are signs that we are treating symptoms, not causes….. chasing smoke instead of putting out the fire.  As a mentor of mine once said, you will never medicate your way out of something you ate yourself into.

Terrain Theory,
Not Germ/Gene Theory

Germs and Genes are not the cause of disease, any more than flies cause garbage.  We must not fear or focus on germs and genes.  You are not a helpless victim.  You have power to control your internal terrain.  A clean, well stewarded, highly functional internal terrain will keep the “bad” genes turned off, the “good” genes turned on, and the trillions of microbes that live in you and on you (including staph and strep), in a robust and healthy balance. 
Cells must create energy and clear exhaust.  When you have an efficient cellular carburetor (aka mitochondria) your cells will make robust energy and be able to effectively clear the minimal exhaust. This internal environment is not a hospitable place for germs to thrive and keeps cancer genes turned off. You are not a victim of germs or genes.  You, not your doctor or your pharmacist, have power and control over the state of your internal environment 

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