Dr. Ben Edwards

5 Part Video Series

The Pillars of Health

Here, you will learn about the foundational principles that allow you to maintain health in the 21st century.  We were designed to be well, but lack of knowledge and poor stewardship took us from the healthiest people group in the world to the sickest in 100 years.  We invite you to come learn how to be healthy again.

Introduction / Epigenetics

Dr. Edwards explains his journey from disease management to treating root causes. To his amazement, he found that 95% of all chronic diseases are rooted in poor diet and lifestyle choices, not genes or germs.


You are not a victim of your “bad genes”.  Bad genes are turned on and good genes are turned off by diet and lifestyle factors including nutrition, hydration, oxygenation, toxins and thoughts.
Come learn why you need to eat like your ancestors in order to give your body the building blocks and cellular energy to maintain health.


We are greater than 90% water, and unlike common knowledge, hydration is not drinking 8 glasses of water a day. Come and learn how chronic dehydration leads to poor cellular function and dive deeply into several strategies you can take to improve your hydration.


Sitting is the new smoking.  Come learn how regular movement increases cellular function through oxygenation, detoxification, and hydration.


A body in a state of chronic stress will not fully heal or function optimally.  In this foundational pillar you will learn that true peace can attend you, regardless of your circumstances if you learn how to interpret them in light of truth.