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Why is Hydration Important?

Hydration impacts every process in your body. Since we’re 99% water, even a 1% reduction in hydration has shown to decrease cognitive function, emotional stability and overall cellular health. 

How hydrated are you

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How to Improve My Hydration?

Things you can do at home right now to improve your hydration

How to stay hydrated

Drink Water
All day long

Start your day with at least 24oz. of water in the first hour and keep drinking all day long.

How to stay hydrated

Eat water-rich

Sometimes a change of pace is nice. Turn to melons, cucumbers, apples, berries, and other water-rich foods.

How to stay hydrated

Add a few drops of lemon juice

A little bit of nature goes a long way to make sure you get the electrolytes you need.

How to stay hydrated

Add a pinch of himalayan salt

Try salt in your water as a source of minerals and feel how your energy improves throughout the day.

How to stay hydrated

be mindful about your water

Honoring water is honoring ourselves. Choose energized and mineralized water and avoid plastic bottles.

How to stay hydrated

Bless Your

Research has shown the positive effects thougts and words have on water.

Health Benefits of
Optimal Hydration

What is The Healthiest Water to Drink?

ideally you should be drinking structured, mineralized, alkaline, clean and pure water

Health benefits of structured water

Structured Water

Anything without energy is boring and lifeless. Structured Water is energized water and the most essential element of hydration.

Mineralized Water

Adding sea salt or trace minerals to your water provides optimal hydration to each cell in your body.

Health benefits of filtering water

Filtered water

Purify and improve the taste of your water with a water filter.

“Water is a fascinating substance. Not only is hydration essential for nutrient and oxygen delivery and toxin removal, but in the quantum realm, the memory-holding capacity of water even impacts your genes.”

Dr. Ben Edwards

Dr. Bem Edwards Hydration


Want to Learn More About Hydration?

Hydration is an immense universe to discover. Here are some useful resources that will help you dive deeper into this vast subject.

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Introduction To The Foundations of Wellness

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