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Why is Movement Important?

We are designed to move, not be stationary.  Moving helps to deliver water and oxygen to the cells, while simultaneously helping the body get rid of cellular waste.

If movement were a pill Dr Ben Edwards

If exercise were a pill, it would be an all-time best seller!

Dr. Ben Edwards

There is NO Pill Known to Man that Can Do All This...


Stimulates Bone Health

Muscles anchored in and pulling on bones helps to stimulate healthy bone growth.


Rejuvenates the cells

Moving delivers nutrients and oxygen to the cell while removing toxins, leading to more optimal cellular function.

Benefits of exercise

Increases Oxygenation

Moving causes deeper breathing which oxygenates cells better.

Benefits of exercise

Removes toxins

 The flow of lymph fluid in our waste system, the lymphatic system, is dependent on you moving.

Benefits of exercise

Hydrates cells

To move water to every one of the trillions of cells in the body, the irrigation system, called the fascia, requires us to bend, twist, and stretch properly to move water through that system.

Benefits of exercise

Elevates the mood

Your own God-given “happy” chemicals like serotonin, norepinephrine and dopamine are released with exercise.

Benefits of exercise

Normalizes blood sugar

Insulin is the key that opens up the cells to receive sugar from the blood. The “keyhole” (aka insulin receptor) is kept clean and open with exercise.

Benefits of exercise

reduces inflammation

A cell that can create energy and clear exhaust, will not lead to inflammation. Oxygenation, via exercise, is a key ingredient to this energy production process.

Benefits of exercise

Reduces risk for diabetes, heart disease, cancer, Alzheimer’s:

All of these are really UTI symptoms rooted in inflammation that is manifesting in different organs of the body. A sedentary life leads to stagnation in the cells, resulting in inflammation and “disease”.

Benefits of exercise

boosts memory

Exercise prompts the growth of new nerve cells and blood vessels, leading to improved memory.

Benefits of exercise

Reduces stress

Endorphins released with exercise, HIIT in particular, helps reduce the feelings and impacts of stress.

Benefits of exercise

reduces anxiety

Natural anti-anxiety brain chemicals are secreted more with exercise.

Benefits of exercise

improves sleep

Natural anti-anxiety brain chemicals are secreted more with exercise

Benefits of exercise

stimulates digestion

If you don’t move, the bowels don’t move!

Best Movement Practices

Your journey to health literally begins in a few steps

Healthy habits: get up every hour

Get up every hour

The damaging affects of sitting for 8 hours uninterrupted are NOT reversed by going to the gym at the end of the day.

Healthy habits: stretch


Building muscle, which improves bone density, insulin sensitivity, and overall strength.

Healthy habits: micro movements


Just 30 seconds of squats, jumping jacks, rebounding or wall pushups throughout the day are beneficial.

Healthy habits: high intensity interval training


Just a few minutes of alternating between 30 seconds intense and 90 second slow is more beneficial than 45 straight minutes of constant pace.

Healthy habits: strenght training

Strength training

Simple stretching helps to hydrate and detoxify, as well as, stimulate muscle and bone growth and improve posture.

“Sitting is the new smoking, increasing your likelihood of suffering from depression and anxiety, diabetes and high blood pressure, obesity and heart disease, cancer and Alzheimer’s and almost every other modern, western disease”

Dr. Ben Edwards

Movement Dr Ben Edwards


Want to Learn More About Movement?

Movement is an immense universe to discover. Here are some useful resources that will help you dive deeper into this vast subject.

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Learn More About The Other Pillars

Nutrition in health


Trillions of cells die every day. You make new ones every day. The raw materials to make new cells come from our food. High-quality, nutrient-dense food will provide the raw materials to make new cells that work right.

Health benefits of hydration


You are one big bag of water. In fact, over 90% of the molecules in your body are H2O. Chronically dehydrated cells can’t function optimally.

Health benefits of having peace


The body is not designed to be, and cannot function optimally, in “fight or flight” mode most hours of a day and most days of a week. Chronic stress is not compatible with long-term health. True peace, not just stress management, is the goal.

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