Today we talked about the Veritas approach to “disease” both historically and the deeper truths that have matured our thought process.  We talked about how the body will function normally when it has all it needs and give the example of vitamin B6.  When the body is depleted of B6 by Carbidopa (the primary drug of choice for Parkinson’s) then multiple different chemical pathways in the body don’t work right and has led to a 37`% increase in death in Parkinson’s Patients since carbidopa was introduced on the market.

We also discuss how Veritas used to focus solely on inflammation by chasing bugs and toxins.  Germs and toxins trigger the immune system to turn on and release various chemicals that cause inflammation.  Bugs like candida, Lyme, and dental bugs or toxins like heavy metals, household chemicals, or toxins from mold, etc.  However, now we understand that the body can better deal with these bugs and toxins if it is equipped better to handle them.  Being equipped means balancing out the minerals in the body properly.  Magnesium and copper deficiency and excess iron are the 3 main minerals that will cause a disruption of normal bodily functions.