On today’s show, Dr. Ben interviews Dennis Howard, our Veritas Garden expert. Dennis shares his journey of what brought him from gardening as a hobby, to becoming an expert gardener who loves to educate others. Recently, Dennis has completely turned his health around, so he tells us how he did it. The place a plant is grown, what is put on it, and how early it is picked all play a vital role in how good it is for us. This is why really working to start growing your own food and shopping locally provide the most nutrient-dense foods. Dennis stresses the importance of supporting our local farmers and how, with enough support, our local growers can offer almost anything year-round. Dennis recently issued a challenge on the Veritas Garden Facebook page for everyone to grow something this year. He gives tips on how to pick exactly what your first plant should be. Finally, he speaks to building nutrient-dense soil and how to control pests. Join in on the gardening fun!