On today’s show, Dr. Ben spends some time giving updates on things going on at Veritas.


You can get more information about Veritas, wellness education offered by Veritas, and archived radio shows at veritasmedical.com.


Dr. Ben begins by sharing some of the recent interviews that he has done that will be airing in the near future.


5:02 – Dr. Ben shares a couple of the new tests that Veritas will be offering. You can find more about these tests at https://trudiagnostic.com and grail.com. You can e-mail lab@veritasmedical.com to get more information about these tests.


16:38 – He goes on to share why these tests would be important and the beauty of our immune system.  You can e-mail lab@veritasmedical.com to get more information on how to get this test.


21:32 – Dr. Ben reminds the listeners about the upcoming Beef Party on April 23rd that he will be speaking at.  You can get tickets for this event at canyonvalleyprovisions.com/beef.  He goes on to give some information on upcoming public talks that he has scheduled –

25:22 – After the break, brings up the deep corruption that is showing itself apparent now.  In this, he goes into the supply chain, FDA regulations, etc.  This leads into some things in the work at Veritas, like a store next door and him bringing back his First Tuesday Talks.  The first one will be May 3rd at 7:00.  The first one will be “Wake Up West Texas” and then he plans to go in to the “Untouchables”.


35:40 – Dr. Ben goes into the role of the wellness navigators at Veritas and how we are here to help educate you.


38:51 – He shares some information about the new PEMF therapy we are offering in the clinic, along with two new products we are carrying in our Market.


45:07 – Dr. Ben closes by answering a viewer question about detoxing.