Today Dr. Ben interviews Jeffrey Smith with the Institute for Responsible Technology. He is an expert in educating the world about GMOs and takes action in exposing the truth. Jeffrey explains, from his experience, what exactly happens when people switch from a GMO-rich diet to a non-GMO diet. He tells us in layman’s terms exactly what genetic engineering is. The FDA has actually protected this practice by allowing the companies producing these products to test and decide the efficacy of whatever it is they are producing. There is actually no real research providing that glyphosate or genetically engineered products are safe for us to consume. In fact, there is more support for the opposite. The World Health Organization considers Round-Up to be carcinogenic to animals, and probably humans; however, because of the lack of human studies, they haven’t actually made the link to cancer in humans official. Jeffrey shares foods that are commonly sprayed with Round Up and why he recommends that people not only eat non-GMO but also organic. Jeffrey finishes the show by exposing the political hijacking of the companies set in place to protect us from these very problems and how they have used statistical gymnastics to make these things seem safe.  Be sure to check out Jeffrey’s website, books, and movies, the newest of which is, Secret Ingredients.