On today’s show, Dr. Ben spends the first half of the show interviewing Edward Dowd, author of “Cause Unknown”.  The second half of the show, he spends some time summarizing the first half and sharing some headlines.

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Dr. Ben begins by sharing why he is interviewing Mr. Dowd today.

3:05 – Dr. Ben welcomes Edward Dowd to the show and Mr. Dowd goes on to share why he wrote the book and gives the listeners a glimpse of what you’ll find in it.

10:00 – Dr. Ben chimes in and explains how the fact that most of these deaths are in young, healthy athletes should motivate authorities to investigate these deaths even further.

10:55 – Mr. Dowd responds by noting the silence of all media and authorities. 

11:42 – Dr. Ben asks Mr. Dowd to speak to some recent information he put out about losses due to the vaccine.

15:53 – Dr. Ben brings up some recent Chamber of Commerce information regarding the current decline in employment in America today.  Mr. Dowd had seen and shared this information as well and goes on to describe how shocked he is that we are still not dealing with the emergency at hand.

17:28 – Dr. Ben shares about a recent health conference in Washington DC.

18:36 – Mr. Dowd shares some good news about this information getting out.

20:09 – Dr. Ben asks Mr. Dowd to share what prompted him to look in to this subject given that his past work has little to do with the medical field.

22:34 – Dr. Ben shares a quote from Moderna in 2018 to their investors about their lack of success regarding mRNA technology. 

24:18 – Dr. Ben thanks Mr. Dowd for coming on the show today.  Mr. Dowd shares his final comments.

26:06 – After the break, Dr. Ben takes some time to reiterate what was said during the first half of the show.


31:13 – Dr. Ben goes on to share what is coming up on the next three shows.

35:08 – Dr. Ben takes some time to share some headlines and studies that support people taking a moment to question the narrative.



47:47 – Dr. Ben spends some time encouraging listeners who are Believers to seek ye first the Kingdom.

50:47 – He closes by again going over the shows that are coming over the next three weeks.