On today’s show, Dr. Ben interviews Dr. Stephanie Seneff about her expertise on the current COVID-19 gene therapy injection.


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Dr. Ben begins by sharing about some of the past shows we have done with Dr. Seneff and highlights her knowledge surrounding things like glyphosate, vitamin D, and now her extensive study on the COVID-19 gene therapy.


1:56 – Dr. Ben welcomes Dr. Seneff, gives a little history on gene therapy, and asks her to share her reason for looking into the COVID-19 gene therapy.


5:55 – Dr. Seneff starts by sharing the connection between heavy glyphosate use and death by COVID.  This led to her researching mRNA when Operation Warp Speed was put in to place and beginning to think this whole event could have been planned.


10:03 – Dr. Ben and Dr. Seneff discuss other experts who have come to the same conclusion, early outpatient treatment, and the role glyphosate plays in lowering the body’s resiliency.


12:30 – Dr. Ben asks Dr. Seneff to give her thoughts on the characteristics of COVID itself.


15:14 – Dr. Seneff shares what she learned in her research of mRNA and the experience of a patient trying to fight COVID with antibodies in a suppressed immune system.  This leads to her discussing variants and the vaccine.  You can find her published paper at https://dpbh.nv.gov/uploadedFiles/dpbhnvgov/content/Boards/BOH/Meetings/2021/SENEFF~1.PDF.


19:56 – Dr. Ben asks her to touch on other concerns she and Dr. Nye had about the vaccine, including DNA confusion.


23:47 – Dr. Ben asks her to speak to lipid nanoparticles.


25:50 – After the break, Dr. Ben gives an overview of the 3 main problems Dr. Seneff has found in her research on the COVID-19 gene therapy.


26:53 – Dr. Seneff continues explaining why the lipid nanoparticles are a key problem with the vaccine.  In this, she describes the sequence of antibody production and the connection to specific disease processes.


37:22 – Dr. Ben asks Dr. Seneff if she would be willing to share her opinion on an antidote for this.  She speaks to sulphate deficiency and shares how this backs her theory she describes in her new book, “Toxic Legacy”. https://www.amazon.com/Toxic-Legacy-Weedkiller-Glyphosate-Environment/dp/1603589295


42:42 – Dr. Ben asks about the ability to get adequate Sulphur from a real food diet.  In this discussion, they go into all of the pathways in the body that are sulphated and good sources of sulphate.


48:21 – Dr. Ben asks to finish the interview with a discussion on all-cause mortality.  You can find the paper Dr. Seneff co-authored at https://www.skirsch.com/covid/Seneff_costBenefit.pdf.


56:08 – Dr. Ben closes by thanking Dr. Seneff for taking the time to be on the show.