On today’s show, Dr. Ben visits with Sue Becker about ancestral nutrition, specifically with breads/flours, and how that impacts our immune system. You can find out more about Sue Becker and her company at breadbeckers.com.

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Dr. Ben begins by sharing today’s topic – bread and clarifying some of the information he shared about the covid variants in last week’s show.

2:57 – He correlates this lasting immunity with reminding the listeners what Weston A. Price found in his voyages around the year, and uses this to introduce Sue Becker.

10:08 – Sue begins by sharing a little bit of her story and how she got to where she is today. During this testimony, she gives a little history behind what has caused modern-day grains to be so inflammatory.

16:28 – Dr. Ben interjects with some of his thoughts on carbs and diet variation.

18:47 – Sue shares some of the science behind why she and others experienced such positive health changes after she began to mill her own flour before making her breads.

21:08 – Specifically, Sue shares the role grains play in the bowel. She also touches on allergies and other diseases caused by nutritional deficiencies due to missing B vitamins in our bread. This led to enriching our bread, which we know you can’t improve on God’s original design.

24:30 – Together, Dr. Ben and Sue talk about some of the things that make home-milled, homemade bread different from store-bought, even “whole grain” breads.

36:25 – After the break, Dr. Ben talks about the role vitamin E plays in the diet. We get vitamin E from wheat germ. Sue shares some science and a testimony based around vitamin E.

44:26 – Dr. Ben and Sue touch on the subject of glycemic index and gluten. She gives a very in-depth scientific explanation on gluten.

49:58 – Sue also shares the impact grains play on the microbiome.

56:08 – Dr. Ben ends the show by explaining how the orphan spirit affects the Body of Christ.