Today, Dr. Ben interviews Dr. Day, author of The Longevity Plan. Dr. Day is a practicing cardiologist that specializes abnormal heart rhythms. He shares his story and what led him to write his book. In his 40s, his bad habits caught up to him, and he realized exercise couldn’t undo all of the bad nutrition he was putting in his body. Doing cardiology presentations in China led him to a Blue Zone (an area where high numbers of people live to 100+) area in China where he found that diet and lifestyle are very impactful in the health and longevity of someone. He also found that these people had genes that predisposed them to the same diseases present here, but they kept those genes turned off. Dr. Day described this village and how age was celebrated. Much opposite of our culture, the older people are actually the ‘rockstars’ there. Every single 100+ person said they were enjoying and actually in the best years of their life. Dr. Day shares a few of his top 7 lifestyle points that affect the health of people, with an emphasis on what this people group’s diet looked like. Dr. Day’s research shows that most of us are given a gene set to live healthily for 90 years, given that they take care of themselves.