On today’s show, Dr. Ben interviews Dr. Chris Knobbe on his new book coming out called, “The Ancestral Diet Revolution”.  You can find Dr. Ben’s first interview with Dr. Knobbe in our archived shows on August 17, 2020.

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Dr. Ben begins by sharing a trip down memory lane with why we should be open to an “alternative” for our current health care system.

5:55 – Dr. Ben welcomes Dr. Chris Knobbe to the show and asks him to share how he became so involved in the importance of diet.

9:53 – Dr. Ben asks Dr. Knobbe to share a bit about Weston A. Price’s work and the impact it has had on him.

13:40 – Dr. Knobbe shares some information from chapter 4 of his book, relating to sugar consumption declining while disease continues to increase.  He speaks specifically to Japan, whose calories, carb, and sugar consumption went down, while vegetable/seed oil use when up in conjunction with disease.

20:28 – Dr. Knobbe describes what a vegetable/seed oil is.  He goes on to share some of the research findings from Elmer McCollum.

25:48 – Dr. Ben speaks to the importance of fat soluble vitamins.  He goes on to talk about how vegetable and seeds oils are modern oils.

28:12 – Dr. Knobbe shares information on his upcoming book release and how people can follow him on YouTube or at cureamd.org.

31:50 – After the break, Dr. Ben asks Dr. Knobbe to share some information on heart disease.

38:35 – Dr. Ben asks him to go on and speak to cancer rates.

42:45 – Dr. Knobbe shares what happens when we eat omega 6 fats in large amounts that are present in seed and vegetable oils.

49:36 – Wade asks Dr. Knobbe if increasing omega 3 fats can counteract the omega 6 fats you consume.  Dr. Knobbe answers that.

51:38 – Dr. Ben shares the chapter titles in Dr. Knobbe’s new book and encourages listeners to read this book when it comes out, as his has become one of his top 3 favorite books.

54:05 – Dr. Knobbe gives his final thoughts.