On today’s show, Dr. Ben interviews Hannah Went on the subject of epigenetics and the new testing Tru Diagnostic has to offer.


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Dr. Ben begins by sharing a few announcements.  He will be in Round Rock speaking at a public event this coming weekend at The Fellowship Round Rock.  We will also have our First Tuesday Talk on May 3rd at 7:00 in the Underwood building next door.


2:19 – Dr. Ben shares some information on the history of genes and how exploring them brought the importance of the microbiome to the stage.  This led to the study of epigenetics.


4:44 – Dr. Ben goes through some studies that came about proving that you aren’t a victim of your genes, and that epigenetics, in fact, is more important.


10:47 – Dr. Ben reminds the listeners that this wave of chronic disease is a modern issue.


15:05– Dr. Ben introduces the subject for today’s show – testing from Tru Diagnostic (trudiagnostic.com) and welcomes Hannah to the show.  He asks Hannah to share how she came to this and how this new test came about.


19:19 – Dr. Ben asks Hannah to speak specifically to methylation. Dr. Ben shares an analogy to help listeners understand why methylation can be good or bad.


22:02 – Hannah takes some time to share what exactly this test looks at, how it is calculated, and how we know it’s accurate.


27:04 – After the break, Dr. Ben discusses one of the first epigenetic experiment involving stem cells.  He shares how although it was the exact same cell divided three ways, the external environment was different for each one, and each cell grew in to three different, distinct tissues.


25:50 – After the break, Dr. Ben gives an overview of the 3 main problems Dr. Seneff has found in her research on the COVID-19 gene therapy.


29:40 – Dr. Ben asks Hannah to share a bit more about the “biological age” part of this test.


35:09 – Hannah shares some of her favorite studies about methylation markers.  Further, she describes what senescence is.


42:02 – Hannah gives some information on pace of aging.


43:30 – Dr. Ben asks Hanna to share this test from a cancer perspective.


45:50 – Hannah shares about another interesting report within the testing.  Then, she and Dr. Ben have a discussion about who could benefit from this test.


52:10 – Hannah shares her top changes one could make to have the greatest impact on aging.


53:14 – Dr. Ben asks Hannah to speak to a future report they have coming relating to tobacco and alcohol consumption.


54:27 – Hannah shares the mechanics of how to go about getting this test done.  She finishes with her final thoughts about most blood testing being replaced by methylation testing, like this, in the future.


57:00 – Dr. Ben closes by giving some information about our wellness program.  You can get more information on this testing by e-mailing lab@veritasmedical.com.