On today’s show, Dr. Ben talks measles. First, he reminds us of how we were deceived, a long time ago, about health. There will never be a man-made pill that can cure a multifaceted disease that we obtain from our lifestyle. Patients deserve informed consent and to know there is a third option – use diet and lifestyle to put your disease in remission. With the uptick in media attention and fear mongering, Dr. Ben felt compelled to share some truths about the measles. Our older patients who had the measles refer to it as one of the ‘usual childhood illnesses’. It really is a benign thing that use to be looked at as normal. Dr. Ben shares some facts about the measles and the vaccine manufactured to avoid it. Mothers who breastfed passed her antibodies through her milk to her baby. This protected the baby from getting the measles within the first few years of life while your immune system is developing. A few years down the road, you get the measles and are sick for a few days and then have lifelong immunity to create the circle all over again. He talks about vaccines, autism, and the role of functional medicine in that disorder. Dr. Ben ends the show by describing exactly how our immune system works and why we shouldn’t fear it.