On today’s show, Dr. Ben interviews James Nestor, author of “Breath: The New Science of a Lost Art”. You can find more about James Nestor at www.mrjamesnestor.com.

You can get more information about the wellness classes offered by Veritas at veritaswellness.health or find more about Veritas Medical (and find archived shows) at veritasmedical.com.

Dr. Ben begins by sharing some of the publications James Nestor has been a part of in the past. He also reiterates how important breathing is in our health, and he welcomes James Nestor.

2:21 – James shares some of his background and what led him to where he is today.

3:42 – Dr. Ben shares the motivation he found when looking into the free divers that he learned about from reading James Nestor’s book.

4:25 – James shares what modern humans are doing wrong in their breathing process and the physical problems this has caused.

7:37 – James speaks to the role modern food has played in this problem.

8:53 – James explains his next steps after coming to the realization of this phenomenon.

10:04 – Dr. Ben shares his favorite parts of James Nestor’s book, and then has James share his personal favorites. Together, they talk about two specific stories involving scoliosis and emphysema.

16:35 – James shares the work of George Catlin in the 1800s who left his home to study Native American tribes and what he found.

18:44 – James explains the experiment he did on himself to find out what happens in the body under mouth breathing conditions versus those under nose breathing.

22:11 – James touches on some of the more natural approaches to reversing things like sleep apnea and other problems.

23:03 – Dr. Ben brings up “chest breathing” versus “belly breathing”, and they discuss what happens in the body while breathing each way.

25:47 – James explains how breathing is related to the carbon dioxide levels in our bodies.

27:09 – James shares the first steps for someone interested in addressing their breathing.

You can follow James Nestor’s work at www.mrjamesnestor.com. There you can find much of the scientific research he used in writing his book, Q&A with top scientists, and more for free. You can also find him on Instagram.

For the second half of the show, Dr. Ben interviews local orthodontist, C.C. Massey. You can find more about Dr. Massey at https://stclairandmasseyortho.com/about-us#Dr-C-C-Massey/.

Dr. Ben shares the impact Dr. Massey has had on him and welcomes him to the show.

32:03 – Dr. Massey shares his background and what made him become so interested in breath/airway.

36:14 – Dr. Massey shares the role breathing and food play on the structures of a child’s face. He goes in to exactly how an orthodontist can help make sure growth happens properly and how early parents can notice these issues.

41:49 – Dr. Ben asks Dr. Massey to speak to bone structure in relation to muscle usage. He also gives some examples of exercises parents can use to improve these mechanisms.

44:27 – Dr. Ben and Dr. Massey go in to how the mother’s health during pregnancy plays an important role in these developmental issues in children. Dr. Ben also explains how breathing correctly is actually designed to be a built-in mask.

48:30 – Dr. Massey speaks deeper into a few things Dr. Ben brought up in his built-in mask talk.

51:48 – Dr. Massey shares a story of a patient he recently saw.

55:00 – Dr. Massey speaks to kids bedwetting and/or waking in the middle of the night and reiterates other things to watch for. He also gives some time frames for seeing correction in some of the issues they have discussed throughout the show.

They close the show by sharing how listeners can find out more about Dr. Massey – https://stclairandmasseyortho.com.
He also shares two of his favorite book resources –
Gasp by Michael Gelb and Howard Hindin
Jaws by Sandra Kahn and Paul Ehrlich