On today’s show, Dr. Ben interviews Dr. Ryan Cole, an Idaho doctor who took a deep dive in learning about the spike protein in the coronavirus.  You can follow Dr. Cole’s work at https://www.rcolemd.com.


You can get more information about Veritas, wellness education offered by Veritas, and archived radio shows at veritasmedical.com.


Dr. Ben begins by sharing what they will be talking about on the show for today.


1:52 – Dr. Ben introduces Dr. Cole to the show and asks him to share a bit of his history that brought him to where he is today.


4:52 – Dr. Ben describes what exactly a pathologist does.


5:41 – Dr. Cole shares a bit about his medical practice.  Dr. Ben touches on his clinical experience and expertise.


7:50 – Dr. Cole shares his knowledge on natural immunity, specifically with SARS COV-1.  He goes deep into the correlation of vitamin D and immune function and his treatment testimonies.


11:50 – Dr. Ben comments on the travesty of early, aggressive treatment being ignored.  Dr. Cole piggybacks on this by commenting on the corruption.


15:20 – Dr. Ben asks Dr. Cole to share any pushback he has had since speaking out publicly on COVID.


19:00 – Dr. Cole shares how our bodies respond to viruses and the role that fear and anxiety play in suppressing the immune system.


25:10 – After the break, Dr. Ben touches on vaccine hesitancy.


26:40 – Dr. Cole discusses in detail synthetic immunity and what he has seen in the lab regarding the COVID gene therapy, specifically the increase in disease.


40:52 – Dr. Ben puts Dr. Cole on the spot by asking him to share an educated guess on what we will be seeing 1-2 years from now with people who have taken the injection.


46:53 – Dr. Cole shares some hope for the listeners going forward.  He encourages people to optimize their terrain, speaks to protocols that he has seen work, and touches on the political environment.


50:15 – Dr. Ben closes by sharing about our new wellness program (veritasmedical.com) and thanking Dr. Cole for coming on the show today.