On today’s show, Dr. Ben interviews Dr. Brian Hooker, who did a study on vaccinated vs. unvaccinated children and their overall health. You can find the study at https://journals.sagepub.com/doi/full/10.1177/2050312120925344. Dr. Hooker also works with childrenshealthdefense.org, and you can find more of his work there.

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Dr. Ben begins by giving a vaccine disclaimer and explaining risk vs. benefit.

3:42 – Vaccine injury court: vaers.hhs.gov

5:02 – Can we risk stratify? What risk is worth it?

7:23 – Dr. Ben introduces Dr. Hooker.

8:01 – Dr. Hooker comments on Dr. Ben’s introduction.

9:17 – Dr. Ben speaks to our innate desire for health – for ourselves and our kids.

10:30 – Vaccines aren’t responsible for the drop in infant mortality. You can see these graphs in Suzanne Humphrie’s book, Dissolving Illusions.

11:11 – Are kids healthier with vaccines? What caused Dr. Hooker to look in to this question?

13:15 – Dr. Hooker explains his study and answers Dr. Ben’s questions about the specifics.

19:07 – Dr. Hooker shares the results of his study.

20:35 – The role nutrition, toxins, delayed vaccines, etc. play. Was there a diagnosing bias?

23:26 – Critiques and/or misinformation of the study and how they dove deeper into these analyses.

30:26 – Dr. Ben reminds us of the epidemic of sick kids we are facing.

32:42 – Dr. Hooker shares a little information about the current study he is working on.

34:20 – Dr. Hooker’s main goal is to find out why we have all these sick children, and what can we do to fix it? How do we get “the powers that be” to notice this?

36:47 – Corruption within the CDC

41:33 – Government oversight or probing into these issues

44:40 – Dr. Ben shares some of his thoughts on how we should go about addressing some of the concerns.

45:53 – Dr. Hooker shares some information about the vaccine schedule and speaks to some evaluations that need to be done around it.

47:45 – Dr. Ben describes what happens in our body when we are allowed to contract the things we vaccinate against.

49:11 – Dr. Hooker speaks to the difficulty of stopping this money train, and how censorship is involved in that process.

51:40 – Dr. Ben asks Dr. Hooker to speak to the current covid 19 vaccine.

54:35 – Dr. Hooker shares his thoughts.

They close by sharing information on when his future study should be completed, and Dr. Ben speaking to the need to balance your media sources.