Today, Dr. Ben interviews the David Senn family, founders of A Fit Farmer. Throughout the show, each family member gives us a glimpse into their incredible health testimony and its impact on their life. Dr. Ben and David discuss gut bacteria – how it causes cravings and can change during a short about of time. David has educated himself in soil health and how that impacts all things, from pests, bacteria, cover crops, and gut health. David uses the analogy that tilling the land is like a tornado coming through and destroying things. He shares how he has tried to remedy his soil – the equipment he uses and his farming process. Rye is a plant he uses as a precursor to cotton and how it lends itself to being a natural weed control. David’s use of black seed oil led the entire family to start using it and see amazing results. They started pressing their own black seed oil, and it eventually turned in to a business. Dr. Ben gives us some insight into the benefits of black seed oil. You can find more information on their products at