On today’s show, Dr. Ben interviews Dr. Peter McCullough, who he interviewed about a year ago about COVID-19.

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Dr. Ben and Dr. McCullough begin by sharing how perplexing it is that we are in our third year of dealing with, discussing, and, for many people, fearing COVID-19.

2:30 – Dr. Ben asks Dr. McCullough to give his opinion on why he thinks this is dragging out.  In this, Dr. McCullough gives some ideas on how to things to do at home to avoid getting COVID-19 along with a few things you can do from home if you were to get sick.

8:12 – Dr. McCullough then speaks to the effectiveness, or lack thereof, of what actually took place.  Specifically, he speaks to monoclonal antibodies, remdesivir, ivermectin, and hydroxychloroquine.

16:22 – Dr. Ben asks Dr. McCullough to share why he thinks doctors are so unwilling to treat patients with remedies that have been proven effective.

21:47 – Dr. Ben shares his experience with a pharmacist down in the Hill Country refusing to fill an ivermectin prescription he had written.

23:03 – Dr. McCullough talks about the great variability among medical professionals. 

25:57 – After the break, Dr. McCullough gives his thoughts on monkey pox. 

32:14 – Dr. Ben shares some recent headlines about the COVID-19 vaccine.

34:37 – Dr. McCullough chimes in on his thoughts about these headlines and shares other updates.

41:15 – He goes on the explain the three false claims of safety disasters…really zeroing in on the dangers of the vaccine.

45:20 – Dr. Ben brings up malpractice and asks Dr. McCullough to share his thoughts on doctors violating the very oaths they stand for.

49:16 – Together, they move to discuss data relating to children.

50:18 – Dr. McCullough shares data related to the pneumonia vaccine and its efficacy.

52:25 – Dr. Ben thanks Dr. McCullough for his work throughout this pandemic, and Dr. McCullough shares his concerns about the future of our healthcare system.

56:45 – Dr. McCullough closes by sharing the subject matter of his new book, “The Courage to Face COVID-19”.  You can find that book at https://www.amazon.com/COURAGE-FACE-COVID-19-Hospitalization-Bio-Pharmaceutical/dp/B09ZLVWMD9.