On today’s show, Dr. Ben discusses various things surrounding covid19. During the second half of the show, he interviews Dr. Ben Marble of myfreedoctor.com who has successfully treated covid in thousands of patients with a 99.98% survival rate.

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Dr. Ben begins by sharing some information about various doctors around the country treating covid-19.

2:50 – Dr. Ben shares some facts about the delta variant.

4:35 – Listeners can go to aaps.org and flccc.net for various treatment and prophylaxis protocols.

6:54 – Dr. Ben discusses the incentives being offered for getting the vaccine at various universities around the country. During this discussion, he goes in to the history of the industry trying to create coronavirus vaccines.

9:09 – He follows this up with some quotes from some highly trained individuals around the world, sharing their feelings about the covid vaccine. Then, he shares some of the latest vaers.hhs.gov data on kids and the vaccine.

22:07 – Dr. Ben shares some recent testimonies from patients at our clinic that helps explain why he has the bias that he does.

27:00 – You can find 275 trials on almost 400,000 patients at c19hcq.com and on c19ivermectin.com, you can find 63 trials on over 26,000 patients

27:52 – Dr. Ben welcomes Dr. Ben Marble from myfreedoctor.com and has him share some of his story of what brought him to where he is today. During this, he shares how he came to his treatment recommendation for covid 19.

34:40 – Dr. Marble speaks to why mass vaccinations during a pandemic was never a good idea.

37:01 – He also shares his predictions of what he thinks is coming in the future with so many people being vaccinated.

38:30 – Dr. Marble goes in to some politics at play in this pandemic.

46:13 – Dr. Marble shares a bit of his company, myfreedoctor.com.

52:45 – Dr. Ben closes by sharing his thoughts about what Dr. Marble said, and with sharing a quote from the America Medical Association and his thoughts on how things have changed.