On today’s show, Dr. Ben discusses the COVID-19 vaccine.

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Dr. Ben begins by sharing why it is so hard for people to wrap their minds around how the COVID-19 vaccine could be problematic.

4:38 – Dr. Ben goes in to some of the all-cause mortality data in various countries.  Steve Kirsch has some great data regarding adverse reactions.

6:50 – Ron Johnson recently sent out a plea for medical workers to take a step back and look at what is truly happening.

7:45 – He goes on to share how the CDC recently, quietly took down information from their site containing information about mRNA staying in the body.  That is interesting when you consider what the pre-print information from the vaccine manufacturers.

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10:31 – Dr. Ben shares some of the weird infections we have seen over the last few months.

12:08 – Dr. Theo Schetters, a virologist in the Netherlands, concluded that the COVID vaccine should be pulled from the market there. 

13:10 – You can find Dr. Ben’s past First Tuesday Talks on our Rumble channel at https://rumble.com/c/c-735227.  He shares a few things he discussed in these talks.


19:41 – Are we just a physical body?  How exactly does the placebo effect work?

24:38 – After the break, Dr. Ben encourages the listeners to go to veritasmedical.com and schedule an appointment with a Wellness Navigator.

26:55 – He goes on to share what some embalmers are finding in the bodies of dead people today.  You can find those results from Mike Adams, the Health Ranger.

29:45 – Dr. Ben brings up a question asked in the Frontline Doctors group he is in about the studies of ivermectin.  In the beginning of COVID-19, the data showed it to be safe and effective, and as time has gone on, the opposite seems to be surfacing.  The point he is trying to make is, science can “prove” almost any bias.  You have to be careful to discern and dig in to what it actually says and what is being tested to get a full picture.

33:50 – Dr. Ben gives an update on the Veritas Mercantile coming next door.

37:10 – Dr. Ben goes into the issue of religion and the traditions of man that can keep people bound.  He shares some of his future vision for Veritas.