On today’s show, Dr. Ben interviews Teresa Houghteling, author of “The ‘Unhealed’ Believer”.

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Dr. Ben begins by sharing some announcements.  He goes on to give some background about why he thinks our patients can benefit from listening to Teresa’s testimony.

3:54 – Dr. Ben welcomes Teresa to the show and asks her to share part of her story that has brought her to where she is today.  In this, she shares the story of God continuing to pursue her despite her running from Him for many years.  She spent a full year committed to knowing God and allowing Him to heal all of her past wounds.  Despite that, she received another life altering diagnosis.  After really seeking the Lord for what was going on, He showed her that she was reading the Word like any other book and didn’t have any true revelation.

24:35 – How to receive revelation:

26:26 – Teresa shares a vision she received.

You can follow Teresa at fullyknownministries.com or on Facebook with the same name.

31:50 – After the break, Dr. Ben reads a few quotes from Teresa’s book on the barriers to healing.  He goes on to discuss some barriers he has come across while seeing patients.

37:27 – Dr. Ben asks Teresa to share what she sees keeping most people from receiving from God.

42:50 – Teresa speaks to body, soul, and spirit.

45:43 – Dr. Ben spends some time encouraging the listeners to seek the Father on these things.  He goes on to share the importance of taking our thoughts captive.

53:04 – Dr. Ben thanks Teresa for being on the show.