On today’s show, Dr. Ben interviews Dr. Stephanie Seneff about her new book, “Toxic Legacy – How the Weedkiller Glyphosate is Destroying Our Health and the Environment”. You can purchase her new book at https://www.amazon.com/Toxic-Legacy-Weedkiller-Glyphosate-Environment/dp/1603589295. You can find out more about Dr. Seneff at stephanieseneff.net or https://www.csail.mit.edu/person/stephanie-seneff.

You can get more information about Veritas, wellness education offered by Veritas, and archived radio shows at veritasmedical.com.

Dr. Ben begins by sharing a little information about Dr. Seneff and her professional work.

2:30 – Dr. Ben reminds the listeners that terrain theory trumps the germ theory, and how glyphosate is one of, if not the, biggest terrain disruptors.

4:40 – After welcoming Dr. Seneff, Dr. Ben asks her to share a bit of her history that brought her to where she is today.

9:20 – Dr. Seneff shares some of the things glyphosate disrupts in the human body. Through this explanation, she describes the cascade that sends the body in to disease.

12:40 – Dr. Ben shares some information on the correlation on increased glyphosate usage and increased diseases, especially in kids.

13:15 – Dr. Seneff goes in to detail about glycine replacement in the body.

16:20 – Dr. Ben describes the next step of disease diagnosis that follows glyphosate exposure. We should be asking why.

18:27 – Dr. Seneff explains the phosphate puzzle. In this process, she describes the correlation of this puzzle with diseases like diabetes, fatty liver disease, etc.

23:25 – Dr. Ben gives a short summary of what Dr. Seneff described.

26:00 – Dr. Seneff shares why sulfate is a “miracle worker” in the body.

28:03 – She continues by describing the result of glyphosate on sulfate in the body.

You can follow Dr. Seneff’s work at stephanieseneff.net.

33:25 – Dr. Seneff speaks to vitamin D, both with supplementation and through the sun. She touches on how this affects someone who contracts Covid 19.

36:46 – Dr. Seneff has a strong opinion about sunscreen. She goes in to why.

38:08 – Dr. Ben asks Dr. Seneff a two-part question about how to avoid and/or detox glyphosate. Dr. Seneff responds with some insightful information, and Dr. Ben responds with some ideas of things that have worked for our patients.

42:28 – Dr. Seneff gives her final thoughts on glyphosate exposure and how to mitigate it – organic foods, whole foods, and Epsom salt baths.

43:25 – Dr. Ben asks Dr. Seneff to share some of her thoughts on the Covid 19 vaccine.

44:15 – Dr. Seneff discusses the correlation of COVID 19 and glyphosate exposure. She goes on to discuss her concerns with the vaccine.

47:13 – Dr. Ben clarifies exactly what a “vaccine” is and what a vaccine is supposed to do.

48:35 – Dr. Seneff shares her thoughts on the mRNA and the spike protein.

57:05 – Dr. Ben and Dr. Seneff close by sharing some side effects that have been reported by various physicians around the world after their patients have taken the vaccine, but encouraging the listeners to get back to the basics and trust the body.