On today’s show, Dr. Ben interviews Ashley and Eric to share their personal testimony of healing.

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Dr. Ben begins by sharing some announcements and tells the listeners why testimony is so important.

1:40 – Dr. Ben welcomes Ashley and Eric to the show and asks them to introduce themselves.  Eric begins by thanking Dr. Ben for having them on the show.  Then, Ashley begins sharing her testimony that began with taking on fear early in her childhood.

4:44 – Dr. Ben asks Ashley to speak to where she was in 2020 when she reached out to Veritas via e-mail.

11:07 – Ashely gets to the point of her breast cancer diagnosis.  She and her husband both share where she was emotionally at the time, and then Ashley goes on to share her journey through integrative oncology.

24:35 – Eric chimes in to share some of the divine intervention that was obvious to them both.

27:08 – After the break, Ashley begins to share the part of her story when she became a patient at Veritas and booked her first appointment with Angie to work on her peace pillar.

34:30 – Dr. Ben breaks in to talk about the Holy Spirit guiding us in to all truth.  He then asks Angie to speak to the saying that “God is in control, so what will be is what will be.”  Angie shares about this, but also some of the key points that she brought up to Ashley when they first began talking.

42:18 – Ashley piggybacks on what Angie had said in explaining how fear finally lost its place in her life.

45:12 – Dr. Ben gives a small part of his testimony regarding fear and the emphasis the Bible places on not allowing fear a place in our lives.  Ashley and Angie both add some thoughts to what he said.

49:08 – Dr. Ben touches on the sovereignty issue and Angie and Ashley share their heart and testimony in seeking the Kingdom first.

55:28 – Dr. Ben closes by thanking Ashley for being on the show.