On today’s show, Dr. Ben interviews Mike Wallach, creator of the documentary “The Viral Delusion”.  You can see this documentary at and/or follow his work at theviraldelusion.com.

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Dr. Ben begins by discussing health outcomes in America and where things went wrong.  Today’s show will be centered around viruses and the study of them.  He shares a quote from the book “Vaccination Condemned” by Eleanor McBean, as Elben.

7:05 – Dr. Ben welcomes Mike Wallach to the show and asks him to share a bit about himself.  In this, Mike shares a personal story of his wife falling ill as a young, 30-year-old.  This experience catapulted him in to digging for the truth about health that hasn’t been understood and/or explained well in our culture today.

13:30 – Mike shares how looking in to vaccines when his wife first became pregnant was the second step in his journey.  What he found revealed that history doesn’t line up with what he had been taught.  This peaked his interest in virology.

16:07 – Dr. Ben shares the lack of education in the way of finding root causes for doctors in medical school.

17:10 – Mike shares the ancient technique of medicine offered to slaves versus that of free people.  Dr. Ben piggybacks on this by sharing his journey in finding how exactly viruses react and replicate in the body.

18:45 – Mike shares what Dr. Tom Cowan said during the beginning of covid that caught his attention, and his subsequent interaction with Dr. Andrew Kaufman. 

20:58 – Mike shares some information from his interview Dr. David Rasnick, an expert with AIDS, who also dove deep into the medical literature when covid surfaced. 

25:05 – Dr. Ben shares his shock after watching the documentary, especially considering the way the conclusion of a new virus came about and findings from the creator of the PCR test.

29:05 – After the break, Dr. Ben shares a story about Charles Creighton and his experience in writing information for an encyclopedia about smallpox.

30:55 – Mike further shares what Creighton found when researching smallpox and the vaccine.  He goes on to connect this to Dr. Fauci’s work with AIDS.

37:00 – Dr. Ben gives his view on vaccines as a medical doctor throughout his education.  He was never shown the graphs that show a drop in cases BEFORE vaccines.  For this reason, Dr. Ben encourages all of the listeners to watch the documentary.

39:35 – Dr. Ben asks Mike to explain the science behind a virus.  During this, Mike tries to clear the misconception we have about viruses that comes from how modern virology was founded.

49:17 – Mike shares the impact the images of viruses have on people and what they actually are, which is absolutely absurd.

54:45 – Dr. Ben asks what he hopes people will take away from watching his documentary.

58:16 – Dr. Ben closes by encouraging the listeners to watch the documentary and focusing on the basic things they can do to bolster their immune system.