On today’s show, Dr. Ben interviews Richard Bartlett, MD about effective COVID-19 treatments, vaccine failure, employers mandating the shot, and corruption in the media regarding non-reporting of hospitalized vaccinated patients.

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Dr. Ben begins by sharing why we continue to have shows related to COVID-19.

1:20 – Dr. Ben welcomes Dr. Bartlett and invites him to share a bit about his professional career and what brought him to the front line in speaking out about effective treatments for COVID-19.

7:41 – Dr. Ben shares an e-mail he received last week from a listener who couldn’t find anyone in her area willing to treat COVID-19 at home.

9:14 – Dr. Bartlett chimes in with information on the Stoic Trial and Principle Trial performed by Oxford University. He also mentions an article vetted by the NIH about nebulized budesonide with patients who have acute respiratory distress. Please note, we were not given links to these articles/studies.

14:12 – Dr. Ben asks Dr. Bartlett to share some of his experience in combining some of these drugs in the treatment of COVID-19 with patients, some who had other comorbidities.

24:15 – Wade asks Dr. Bartlett to compare treatment before vs. treatment after infection. As he answers, he goes in to the doctor/patient relationship here in the United States.

27:03 – Wade then asks about combining the drugs. Dr. Bartlett responds with some information, including some data by Dr. Pierre Kory with ivermectin.

27:35 – They go on to visit about the role that politics have played in the censorship and nonsensical recommendations regarding COVID-19.

31:04 – Dr. Bartlett goes in to the data of vaccinated people actually contracting the virus at a higher rate.

33:01 – Dr. Bartlett speaks to the immune system and natural immunity.

41:11 – After the break, Dr. Ben runs through some recent headlines about vaccine breakthrough cases. In doing this, he shares some information about problems with the control group in the vaccine studies.

49:08 – Dr. Ben invites Dr. Bartlett to speak to the vaccine and mandates that are coming out from employers. In his response, Dr. Bartlett goes in to the possible vaccine adverse reactions and shares some of the reactions he has seen in his emergency room work.

56:42 – Dr. Bartlett reminds listeners that there have been plenty of vaccines and drugs approved by the FDA that later had to be pulled because they were harming people.

57:38 – Dr. Ben gives some information on adverse reactions from vaers.hhs.gov and the possible future reactions due to immune enhancement.

59:33 – Dr. Ben gives some final thoughts about employers mandating the vaccine.