On today’s show, Dr. Ben interviews Steve Campbell. You can follow and their work at http://www.tailormadecattle.com.

You can find more about Veritas and past, archived shows at veritasmedical.com.

Dr. Ben begins by discussing COVID-19. He shares a case we have been treating and troubles with a pharmacy filling the prescription he wrote. He also touches on a new draconian rule in Austria and vaccinated athletes that are going down on the field due to heart issues.

4:57 – He takes a trip down memory lane, reminding us how seed oils came on the scene and this prompted an inflammatory response in our bodies.

11:22 – Dr. Ben welcomes Steve Campbell to the show and asks him to share a bit of his story.

17:40 – Dr. Ben asks Steve to share his first steps when he decided to change the way he raised animals.

20:15 – Together, they go in to minerals, specifically.

28:19 – After the break, Dr. Ben brings up the subject of epigenetics, which is something Steve focuses on. The book Steve mentions is Pottenger’s Prophecy, which is the most easy to understand book on epigenetics.

31:00 – Steve gives a detailed explanation of mineral water. You can find his blog on this subject here http://www.tailormadecattle.com/blog-devlin/2018/10/18/the-thinking-ranchers-guide-to-making-brine-for-cattle

37:45 – Steve discusses how they have addressed some of the problems they’ve ran in to.

44:55 – Dr. Ben and Steve briefly discuss supplementation and its place in health today.

48:18 – Steve gives his final thoughts about Big Pharma, Big Ag, etc. losing their social acceptance by the way they are unrighteously handling things.

50:10 – Dr. Ben gives his final thoughts by encouraging the listener to find a local producer and shop small.