On today’s show, Dr. Ben speaks to the listeners concerning the new COVID-19 variant, omicron. He has this conversation with Collin and Lyndsey Seale and Chad Wall.

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Dr. Ben begins by sharing a recent interview he did with Dr. Vickers who runs the Gerson Clinic in Mexico. That show will air in the new year.

3:30 – Dr. Ben shares what prompted him to change his plan for today’s show. During this, he shares details about omicron – It is driven by the vaccinated, and it is less virulent than the other strains.

8:38 – Dr. Ben brings up the 60x increase in athletes going down on the field. Vaers.hss.gov shows deaths from the vaccine are at almost 20,000, although this is likely underreported.

11:28 – Dr. Ben speaks to all-cause mortality, which is up around the world. He also goes in to Pfizer’s original two-month study data.

15:22 – Dr. Ben shares the top three ways the vaccine seems to affect the body: DNA repair genes, cardiac inflammation, and immune system suppression. https://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/pii/S2211124721017186

18:37 – Pfizer plans to submit data to begin giving children subsequent shots. You can find the e-mail Dr. Ben refers to in this discussion on our Telegram channel https://t.me/VeritasMedical.

21:00 – Psychological Psychosis

25:48 – Dr. Ben reads part of an arch-bishop’s release on what is going on. In this, he shares his opinion on the only way out of this and what he predicts is coming.

32:53 – After the break, Dr. Ben shares the following resources for anyone whose doctor is not willing to give early, effective treatment for covid. c19hcq.com, c19ivermectin.com, c19early.com

34:00 – Dr. Ben shares how we have placed our trust in the wrong thing and welcomes Chad Wall and Collin Seale to the show.

36:06 – Chad Wall chimes in with his thoughts on truly putting our whole hope and trust in the One who created it all.

42:11 – Dr. Ben responds to a listener text about getting the information he is sharing out to the public.

43:12 – Collin shares his perspective on the response of various people throughout this pandemic. He goes in to the mindset of operating out of love, rather than fear, and knowing who you are and whose you are in order to operate from a place of rest.

48:50 – Dr. Ben responds to Collin’s words on choice.

50:08 – Chad closes by encouraging the listener to spend more time before the Lord.

51:44 – Dr. Ben closes by thanking his guests and encouraging the listeners.