On today’s show, Dr. Ben interviews Robert Carter, PhD, of Creation Ministries International. Together, their focus will be the discussion of creation vs. evolution.

You can find more about Robert Carter and his ministry at creation.com.

Dr. Ben begins by describing how our bodies know the cure, which is why he named the show what he did. He then turns his focus to the peace pillar, which is the most important pillar. He describes his experiences throughout life with both the theories of creation and evolution. Being introduced to the evolutionary theory during his college years created a sense of doubt and unbelief in him. He then had to go through a period of wresting with the evidence, which brought him to a firm creation conclusion.

4:24 – Dr. Ben introduces and welcomes Dr. Robert Carter. He is a PhD marine biologist who shares what the science really says about creation. You can find more about him and his ministry at creation.com.

6:13 – Dr. Carter introduces himself and shares his story on how he got to where he is today. He, too, had a mental struggle with the science between creation and evolution. Over the course of about 5 years, and listening to both sides of the argument, he came to truth of creation solidified in his mind.

8:35 – Dr. Ben asks him to begin with his thoughts on genetic entropy.

10:00 – Dr. Carter gives his background in the sciences, specifically genetics. His biggest question, and what he is working on now, is – can we start with Adam and Eve’s genetics and trace them back to every person alive today? He believes we can and continues to work on projects in this area.

11:15 – Dr. Carter describes what genetic entropy is, and explains how it disproves Darwin’s theory of evolution.

14:08 – Dr. Ben asks him if there are any cases where a more complex organism happens through genetic mutation. Dr. Carter answers the complex question. The answer is yes, sort of. He wrote an article on his site (creation.com) called, “Can Mutations Produce New Information?” that answers the question. He explains how, even though the answer is yes, it doesn’t support the theory that humans could have evolved from a lower species.

16:41 – Dr. Carter supports his stance with basic biochemistry, which isn’t really basic at all. He describes how complex the process of changing sugars to energy in the body is. Photosynthesis is another process that is elegant and hypercomplex. These incredibly complex processes are the basis for life on earth.

18:55 – Dr. Ben describes how these processes support irreducible complexity and explains what exactly that is by using a carburetor example. Dr. Carter agrees with the validity of this example and uses water and oxygen, and their toxicity to the human body, as other examples in how our bodies are so finely balanced that we use improbable molecules to live.

22:05 – Dr. Ben asks Dr. Carter, from a gene standpoint, what we know about the age of the earth. Dr. Carter explains how the population of people on earth today give us a good glimpse in how old the earth is. Then, he explains it from a gene standpoint.

27:18 – Dr. Carter uses science surrounding chromosomes to debunk evolution.

30:05 – Dr. Carter explains how natural selection works in a Biblical world. He wrote an article (found at creation.com) called, “Natural Selection in Paradise” that explains how it isn’t about life and death, yet about reproduction/offspring.

34:05 – Dr. Ben asks Dr. Carter to speak to carbon dating in aging the earth.

34:28 – Dr. Carter explains how each dating test is different and deserve different answers, which can be very complex. He specifically speaks to carbon dating by referencing an article he wrote (found at creation.com) called, “Diamonds are Creationist’s Best Friend”.

37:07 – Although archaeologists use carbon 14 to try and discredit the Bible, Dr. Carter shares a story of evidence found by the first archeologist who studied Jericho to support the Biblical accounts. In fact, everything the archaeologist found confirmed what was told of in the Bible. This finding was disputed, but Dr. Carter explains how this dispute can’t be supported by science.

40:34 – Dr. Carter shares a story of going to the tomb of King Richard III. They carbon dated him, and it was wrong. After considering his diet, and how that could affect the amount of carbon in his body, they made some adjustments and were able to peg him. You can’t just use carbon dating. You also have to apply historical model.

41:40 – Dr. Carter shares another example of the inaccuracy of carbon through a story of trying to determine where syphilis came from.

44:30 – Dr. Carter touches on various rock dating techniques.

46:33 – Dr. Ben asks Dr. Carter about the “missing links” in the evolutionary picture. Dr. Carter begins his explanation of the interesting topic by sharing a book called, “Contested Bones”, written by two of his friends, found on creation.com. This book gives a clear explanation, using a plethora of studies, on how the evolutionary picture is wrong. Dr. Carter shares some of the studies on people groups and their genomes and how the conclusions from these studies support creation.

54:46 – Dr. Ben asks Dr. Carter to speak to the flood.

55:15 – Dr. Carter uses the fossil record, rocks, and sea life to show how much support there is for the flood. He also shares how the Delaware Water Gap and the Grand Canyon are two landscape structures that show support for the flood.

1:00:00 – Dr. Ben encourages the listeners to go Dr. Carter’s site (creation.com) to find more resources to bolster their faith.