On today’s show, Dr. Ben interviews Morley Robbins.  You can find more information and follow Morley at rcp123.org.

You can get more information about Veritas, wellness education offered by Veritas, and archived radio shows at veritasmedical.com.

Dr. Ben begins by sharing some announcements.  His First Tuesday Talk will be December 6th at 7:00 in the Underwood Cotton Exchange Building.  The title of the talk is Conspiracy Theory?

 2:38 – Dr. Ben reminds the listeners of the cascade of effects that happen when you get “triggered” by fear.

4:54 – Dr. Ben welcomes Morley to the show and he builds on what Dr. Ben just said by describing the role of copper and iron.  Today, there are vast numbers of people who are copper deficient and iron toxic.

12:18 – Morley begins to go in to detail on ferritin, the iron storage protein.  He tries to clear up what he feels like is one of the most misunderstood lab values.

15:50 – Dr. Ben interjects by sharing how many patients he sees that are taking supplemental iron because of their ferritin level.  Morley responds to that by sharing exactly where the supplemental iron goes.

20:23 – Dr. Ben recaps what Morley just described.

23:30 – Morley shares how he learned why iron is so toxic in our system.

26:43 – Dr. Ben shares what he does to address patients thinking they are anemic.

32:26 – Dr. Ben goes off topic for just a minute to stress the unintended consequences of various vaccines related to last week’s show.

34:13 – Dr. Ben brings up the issue of stress and medicines that are prescribed related to this.  These medications has unintended consequences, which Dr. Ben shares and Morley expands on.  He goes in to detail about what is going on with uterine bleeding in women.

43:45 – Wade asks Morley to speak to testosterone replacement therapy and how that affects this process.

45:10 – Dr. Ben explains the iron recycling system and how our body may bleed on purpose to get rid of that excess iron.

46:20 – Morley describes, in his experience, what low and high ferritin usually means, and Dr. Ben piggybacks on that my talking about underlying mitochondrial disfunction.  Morley shares a testimony relating to this.

51:50 – Dr. Ben thanks Morley for his work and sharing here on his show.

53:35 – Morley speaks to a German phrase that describes his thoughts on what is happening in the world today.

54:44 – Morley gives his final thoughts, and Dr. Ben thanks him again before closing.