On today’s show, Dr. Ben interviews Chip Brogden over our most important pillar, peace. You can get more information on Chip and his ministry at chipbrogden.com.

You can get more information about the wellness classes offered by Veritas at veritaswellness.health or find more about Veritas Medical (and find archived shows) at veritasmedical.com.

Dr. Ben begins by sharing a synopsis of how he went from conventional thinking to functional thinking and how Intelligent Design was involved in that. He goes in to why peace is our most important pillar and what true peace is and is not.

3:25 – Dr. Ben welcomes Chip and shares a bit of how Chip has impacted his own spiritual journey.

4:58 – Chip shares a bit of his story of how he got to where he is today.

10:27 – Dr. Ben responds by asking Chip to clarify the difference of organized religion and the true church.

11:15 – Chip responds by referring to scripture and the original language found in Scripture.

14:25 – Dr. Ben brings up the subject of identity and how a lack of identity is usually the cause for so much confusion in people today. He also asks him to explain why he thinks so many people have such a hard time finding true peace.

16:41 – Chip answers by describing how peace is not a feeling, philosophy, etc., but a Person. If someone doesn’t have this Person, they won’t have true peace. He clarifies some misconceptions about what we are taught will happen in our life after we come to know Jesus.

22:30 – Dr. Ben asks Chip to share the primary obstacles in overcoming a wrong mindset.

23:09 – Chip speaks to those obstacles.

You can find more about Chip Brogden and get access to his books and studies at chipbrogden.com.

29:00 – After the break, Dr. Ben talks about how the body is designed to operate in a state of peace. Submitting to the spirit of fear undermines this state of peace and causes us to be sick.

33:31 – Dr. Ben asks Chip to provide some practical steps to overcoming obstacles and finding our true identity.

34:58 – Chip begins to answer the question by speaking, first, to identity.

33:00 – Chip then dives in to some practical steps to finding true peace by going back to the Scriptures we are given.

42:32 – Dr. Ben shares a personal testimony of finding his true identity.

43:38 – Chip shares how we learn the most in the valley of the shadow of death.

44:46 – Dr. Ben shares a little on the thoughts that come in to our heads. These thoughts are either a voice of truth or lies. We have to learn to identify the lies and rebuke them.

46:04 – Chip expands on things you can do to strengthen your relationship with the Prince of Peace.

52:32 – Dr. Ben reiterates how peace is a Person and how we and our thoughts should be submitted to Him.

55:07 – Dr. Ben asks Chip to end by departing some encouragement to the listeners.

56:10 – Chip does just that by sharing how now is the greatest opportunity we’ve ever had. Use this time to seek the Truth, no matter where that may take you. Remember, repent, and return.

59:12 – Dr. Ben closes by urging the listeners to continue learning through Chip’s resources at chipbrogden.com.