On today’s show, Dr. Ben has a time of Q+A.

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Dr. Ben begins by sharing some announcements for upcoming events.

3:40 – Dr. Ben discusses theory/hypothesis and moves further into the subject of cholesterol.  https://jamanetwork.com/journals/jamainternalmedicine/article-abstract/2790055

13:10 – Have you addressed the topic of osteoporosis?

20:55 – What are the concerns with the HPV vaccine?

You can find Dr. Exley’s interview with Dr. Ben on February 14, 2022.



27:40 – Dr. Ben brings up another study that highlights US healthcare.


34:15 – After the break, Dr. Ben spends some time sharing some upcoming events at the Merc.

37:50 – Dr. Ben spends the rest of his show sharing part of his testimony.  You can find his 10 part series on why he believes at https://veritasmedical.com/video-playlist-page/?playlistid=2.