On today’s show, Dr. Ben interviews Dr. Christopher Exley, one of the world’s leading experts on aluminum in the body. You can follow his work at https://www.aluminiumresearchgroup.com.

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Dr. Ben begins by reminding people that you can gain a lot of health by giving the body what it needs and avoiding what it doesn’t. He shares a story from a past patient who brought his attention to the dangers of aluminum.

5:00 – Dr. Ben welcomes Dr. Exley and asks him to share a bit of his story, and what brought him to the forefront in the world of aluminum.

7:33 – Dr. Ben asks Dr. Exley to describe how his studies moved from fish to humans. In this explanation, he describes how his scientific career has progressed over the years, until one day the thought of aluminum in vaccines being a problem occurred to him.

12:44 – Dr. Ben shares Dr. Exley’s stance on it being impossible to get Alzheimer’s without having aluminum in the brain and asks him to speak to that a bit further on how aluminum is the most significant neurotoxin.

21:20 – Dr. Ben asks Dr. Exley to describe how the brain of a child could have such high amounts of aluminum present in autopsies.

29:22 – Dr. Ben shares what they plan to talk about during the second half of the show. You can follow Dr. Exley’s work at https://www.aluminiumresearchgroup.com or read his book, “Imagine You are an Aluminum Atom”.

32:20 – After the break, Dr. Ben asks Dr. Exley to talk about silica and its ability to carry aluminum out of the body.

39:33 – Dr. Ben brings up the corruption in covering Dr. Exley’s research showing the role of aluminum in diseases like autism, Alzheimer’s, etc.

40:54 – Dr. Exley speaks to funding in his line of work and what led to the university he was tenured at to block him from any and all funding.

47:55 – Together, they go in to how his research has never been challenged, yet still resulted in him losing funding and his work being censored.

54:45 – Medicine should be about being healthy, not sick. Dr. Ben and Dr. Exley close with talking about how backwards medicine has been and doctors are simply taught to manage disease.