On today’s show, Dr. Ben discusses supplements. Our food is depleted of nutrients compared to the early 1900s at a rate of 20-80%, which is astounding. Tilling the soil, using various herbicides and fungicides on crops, and genetic modifications are the top reasons our food is void of many minerals it use to have. Dr. Ben explains the difference between supplemental nutrients and supplements for symptoms. We use both at our clinic. Mike Casey with Formula IQ, a supplement insider, joins this radio show. Mike shares the journey that brought him to high quality supplements and a little about how they source the ingredients for their products. He explains how picking the ‘prettiest’ plants to use isn’t the way to go. They don’t contain as many polyphenols as others that may not look as nice. This is where “quality matters” comes in to play with their company. In the second half of the show, Dr. Ben and Mike speak to various supplement companies, who owns them now, and how that could affect quality. Mike gives some tips in sourcing good, high-quality supplements. He and Dr. Ben end the show by touching on specific supplements, including vitamin C, cod liver oil, and magnesium.