On today’s show, Dr. Ben has a time of Q+A.

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1:50 – Dr. Ben addresses a listener text from last week about Gardasil.



9:17 – Dr. Ben continues his testimony from last week.

12:05 – Dr. Ben takes a listener call about stomach acid.  You can find Dr. Ben’s video on stomach acid at – https://youtu.be/-mjRLpm5ZHk.  The book he mentions is by Dr. Jonathan Wright “Why Stomach Acid is Good for You”.

15:58 – Dr. Ben takes a call from Greg who called back in the day to ask Dr. Ben a question about a surgery.  He wanted to update him on how his surgery went.  He goes on to continue the conversation about stomach acid, a description of the surgery Greg was talking about, and SIBO.

21:05 – Dr. Ben goes back to his personal testimony.



34:13 – What do you know about the mRNA vaccine being given to cattle in 2026?

36:04 – Dr. Ben moves back to his testimony, beginning where Dr. Roby Mitchell saw his 10 sickest patients.

45:30 – He moves in to how our thoughts affect our terrain, and health, in general.  He touches on the difference between our body, soul, and spirit and reminds listeners that we can’t interpret scripture by our life experience.