On today’s show, Dr. Ben visits with Austin Ham and Patrick Durkin about their upcoming Beef Party. Tickets available at https://canyonvalleyprovisions.com

You can get more information about the wellness classes offered by Veritas at https://veritaswellness.health or find more about Veritas Medical and find archived shows at https://veritasmedical.com.

You can find out more about Patrick Durkin at https://thewellnessenterprise.com and Austin Ham at https://canyonvalleyprovisions.com.

Dr. Ben begins by sharing the benefits of grass-fed beef they’ll be talking about today.

2:34 – Dr. Ben makes a correction about the covid vaccine from last week.

3:33 – Dr. Ben introduces the guests and shares about the upcoming Beef Party and how you can get tickets, individual or family, at https://canyonvalleyprovisions.com.

5:05 – Health Benefits of eating meat – American College of Cardiology have a review article showing saturated fat is not bad for you. The way the animal is fed and processed has a lot to do with whether or not the meat can be of benefit to your body.

8:57 – Our body is constantly regenerating and needs building blocks to do that. The building blocks come from animals, especially their organ meat.

10:00 – Nutrients needed that aren’t found in plant foods. They are better for cleansing.

10:30 – Fat contents in beef, specifically grass-fed beef

17:52 – Austin shares a bit about his heart in providing grass-fed and finished beef. He continues by sharing the story about how he got started in this field.

20:23 – What are the benefits and consequences of doing or not doing the Allan Savory method? You can find out more about this method at savory.global.

24:51 – Dr. Ben shares what they will be talking about after the break and gives a little background on Patrick Durkin. He also shares who will be speaking at the Beef Party on February 13, 2021 at the Ham Ranch in Post, Texas.
Patrick Durkin will moderate (https://thewellnessenterprise.com)
Austin Ham will be part of the panel (https://canyonvalleyprovisions.com)
Dr. Ben will be part of the panel (https://veritaswellness.health or https://veritasmedical.com)
Chad Wall will be part of the panel (https://naturalecosystemrestoration.com)

27:10 – Can you give more information on vaccines and freeze-dried foods?

27:55 – Dr. Ben answers and speaks to the spirit of fear and using our resources righteously.

33:34 – Austin shares what they have seen in their land since beginning the Savory system, specifically since they began their company.

35:55 – Austin gives rough estimates about the density of cows in an area of land.

37:16 – We have land in CRP where the contact is about to expire. Is it wise to leave it in CRP or transition in to some type of restorative agriculture?

38:44 – Resources:
The Savory Institute
YouTube/Internet search – Greg Judy, Ian Mitchell-Innes, Gabe Brown
Holistic Agriculture
Austin Ham with https://canyonvalleyprovisions.com

40:15 – Austin shares his vision for the Beef Party and the longterm vision for his company.

42:42 – Dr. Ben asks Austin about other ranchers providing high-quality beef. Austin responds with his vision of a community working together.

44:25 – Patrick chimes in with sharing his story of becoming stronger by implementing meat in to his past vegetarian diet. He touches on the benefits of not trading cost for health and some of the political corruption happening in the meat industry today. Local markets and relationships are the answer to this problem.