On today’s show, Dr. Ben visits with Chad Wall and Patrick Durkin.

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You can find out more about Patrick Durkin at thewellnessenterprise.com and Chad Wall at naturalecosystemrestoration.com.

Dr. Ben begins by thanking Wade for having a station that allows various voices, that are being suppressed on other platforms, to be heard without censorship.

2:52 – Dr. Ben shares some information from a conversation he had with a colleague about the covid vaccine.

5:13 – Patrick hops in and shares his perspective on “sides”.

7:50 – Dr. Ben speaks to our need for each other.

9:42 – Dr. Ben shares an update on ivermectin from a video Dr. Kory did recently. https://jameslyonsweiler.com/2021/01/16/the-latest-science-update-on-ivermectin-with-dr-pierre-kory-1_16_2021/

11:40 – Dr. Ben and Patrick touch on the Beef Party. You can get tickets for this party at canyonvalleyprovisions.com.

13:53 – Chad speaks to how the outside world affects our inside terrain and how our actions affect others.

19:47 – Dr. Ben shares the lesson from his family’s devotional time this morning. You can find these videos they listen to at https://bibleproject.com

21:25 – Dr. Ben shifts back to the Beef Party and talks about why animal foods are beneficial to our bodies.

23:03 – Dr. Ben touches on some of Weston A Price’s findings from his book, “Nutrition and Physical Degeneration”

28:27 – They begin the second half of the show by going over some viewer texts.
They address a listener being banned from commenting by Facebook.

31:17 – Dr. Ben speaks to the orphan spirit and regulations.

33:18 – Wade asks Dr. Ben about his predictions for the future of medical freedoms.

36:07 – Patrick talks about power and money.

40:50 – Chad poses the question – Once you realize that we are allowing corporations to tell us what we can and can’t do, what do we do about it?

42:50 – Patrick gives his version of an answer to that. He and Chad talk back and forth a bit about that.

47:47 – Dr. Ben closes.