On today’s show, Dr. Ben interviews Neil Z. Miller, author of Miller’s Review of Critical Vaccine Studies. The goal of this show is to offer true, informed consent to the listeners. Neil begins the show by sharing what led him to become one of the world’s leading vaccine researchers. He also shares some facts about the current vaccine schedule in the U.S. and how vaccines have never been studied in combined form, the form in which they’re given. Synergistic toxicity becomes a problem here. Dr. Ben explains how the original idea for vaccines could have been a good idea. However, you can’t just mix a little live virus with saline. You have to add adjuvants, like aluminum, in order to stimulate the immune system. Most of the adjuvant amounts in vaccines far exceed the recommended safe daily limit. Mercury being present in vaccines is a hotly debated topic. Neil explains how and why mercury is still present in many of the vaccines today. Neil gives some information on a study done by the CDC’s lead epidemiologist on the mercury in vaccines and how he found that kids are 7.6 times at greater risk of getting autism when given a vaccine with mercury. He also goes in to detail on the efficacy of the pertussis vaccine, and how vaccines are causing non-native diseases to proliferate. Dr. Ben explains how and why this happens, using the example of chicken pox and shingles. They touch on ‘cocooning’ and how it is actually more dangerous for babies. Neil finishes by sharing how contracting the childhood illnesses that we are trying to eradicate actually protect you from other disease states (like heart attack and stroke) later in life.