On today’s show, Dr. Edwards interviews Gabe Brown, author of “Dirt to Soil”.

Since we rely on the body to heal itself we desperately need access to food that is full of the raw materials our bodies require to function.  Nutrient dense food can only come from healthy soil, not just dirt.

In this interview, Gabe shares the story of his journey from conventional agriculture that produces cheap, nutrient depleted food and depletes the soil of organic matter, microbial life, and topsoil —to regenerative agriculture that restores organic matter, microbial life and topsoil while producing nutrient dense food.  

Some of the more notable parts of the interview :

-discussing how annual rainfall totals are not near as important as water infiltration rates, or how quickly water will soak into the soil (Gabe’s land went from 1/2 inch per hour to 2 inches in 25 seconds)

-explaining how plant roots feed the soil microbes and soil microbes nourish the plant

-how there is 32,000 tons of nitrogen free for the taking above each acre of land

-how he is able to stock 800,000 lbs of animal weight per acre compared to conventional thinking that is far below that level

-how his ranch is able to be profitable with 17 different diverse enterprises without any government assistance