On today’s show, Dr. Ben interviews Gina Bria, author of Quench. Gina has developed the Hydration Summit, which will be launching in a few weeks. Gina shares a little background on how she has gotten to where she is today. Although we associate hydration with glasses of water, she found a group who were using plant material to get their hydration. Not only is this more nourishing, but it’s also more absorbable. Gina worked with Dr. Gerald Pollack in studying chia seeds, which is what led them to finding that water has a 4th stage – structured water. She explains how we have taken the power out of regular tap water. Gina gives a glimpse of what the Hydration Summit is all about. Chad Wall, a local pioneer researching how hydration impacts farming and ranching, comes in during the second half of the show. Chad explains the importance of regenerating the farming and ranching practices so they steward the land and animals better. He shares how structuring water devices are a relatively cheap way to start the regenerative process, while also getting some return. They finish the show by discussing how much the decisions we make today affect the future of agriculture.