On today’s show, Dr. Ben interviews Dr. Patrick Vickers who now runs the Gerson clinic in Mexico. You can follow Dr. Vickers and his work at gersonclinic.com.

You can get more information about Veritas, wellness education offered by Veritas, and archived radio shows at veritasmedical.com.

Dr. Ben begins by sharing a bit of his journey that led him from conventional medicine to functional medicine and helped him to understand the truth that they body can heal itself. The book Dr. Ben mentions can be found here – https://www.amazon.com/Cancer-Therapy-Results-Fifty-Advanced/dp/0961152621

5:40 – Dr. Ben welcomes Dr. Vickers to the show and asks Dr. Vickers to share a bit of his journey in what led him to where he is today.

10:05 – Dr. Ben asks Dr. Vickers to give the listeners a little background on Dr. Gerson and his work.

17:45 – Dr. Ben brings up the interest that Dr. Gerson’s work raised within some senators within the United States Senate. Dr. Gerson was invited to testify and praised for his work among the senators. Beyond that, his work was largely covered after a reported shared the news on a major news station.

25:15 – Dr. Vickers goes in to who may have arranged for the cover up. Dr. Ben follows this up with some history on the Flexner report and where that has gotten us today.

31:38 – Dr. Ben asks Dr. Vickers to share how the clinic ended up in Mexico.

35:50 – After the break, Dr. Ben asks Dr. Vickers to describe the basics of the science behind the Gerson therapy.

42:00 – Dr. Vickers, specifically, goes in to the role the metabolism plays in cancer.

43:33 – Dr. Ben asks Dr. Vickers to speak further to the coffee enemea.

47:30 – Dr. Vickers shares the history of the Gerson clinic.

54:27 – Dr. Vickers spends his remaining time sharing anecdotal stories of patients who have been treated with Gerson Therapy.

58:26 – Dr. Ben asks Dr. Vickers to speak to mindset.

1:00 – Dr. Ben closes by thanking Dr. Vickers for his time and information.