On today’s show, Dr. Ben does a 2020 year-in-review show.

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Dr. Ben begins by sharing what he plans to focus on in 2021.

1:40 – He goes in to how censorship has really ramped up recently. Specifically, he shares the story of Dr. Kory and his experience with censorship. You can find more information on him and his studies at covid19criticalcare.com.

4:18 – Dr. Ben’s calling is to teach and inform people of the truth. In order to do this, he plans to go straight to the people. He mentions some courses Veritas is working on. Right now, you can sign up for the wellness course at veritaswellness.health. There should be other courses offered in the future.

6:06 – He touches on terrain vs. germ theory.

7:07 – The institutional approach compared to what is happening in other countries, like India and Honduras.

10:01 – Root cause of disease and not needing a doctor. He shares how diet and lifestyle play a factor here, he touches on some nutrition information and a vision of a righteous community he hopes will be built.

15:10 – Dr. Ben shares some current headlines.
Overall All-Cause Mortality – https://www.cdc.gov/nchs/nvss/vsrr/COVID19/index.htm
Ivor Cummings – https://twitter.com/fatemperor/status/1344973418052128768?s=21
Johns Hopkins – https://web.archive.org/web/20201126163323/https://www.jhunewsletter.com/article/2020/11/a-closer-look-at-u-s-deaths-due-to-covid-19
WHO PCR study – https://swprs.org/who-preliminary-review-confirms-ivermectin-effectiveness/

21:30 – He shares some of the studies he plans on speaking to in the second half of the show:

25:40 – Dr. Ben answers some questions that were texted in.
Is ivermectin safe? The sites ivmmeta.com and covid19criticalcare.com will provide you with several studies showing the safety of ivermectin.

31:30 – Is ivermectin better than hydroxychoriquin? Dr. Ben compares several drugs.

33:54 – What about nebulizing hydrogen peroxide and normal saline?

35:02 – Where can we get ivermectin? Go ivmmeta.com and covid19criticalcare.com for the data and to print out a protocol to take to your doctor.

36:08 – Dr. Ben shares some of the political corruptness surrounding the use and study of these drugs.

37:40 – There are 220 studies of hydroxychoriquin on c19study.com. 157 of those are peer-reviewed and 66% of those studies showed improvement with the use of hydroxychoriquin early.

38:35 – Should I get the vaccine? Dr. Ben shares some facts surrounding the vaccine and some information from the vaccine studies from the CDC. https://www.cdc.gov/vaccines/acip/meetings/downloads/slides-2020-12/slides-12-19/05-COVID-CLARK.pdf

45:30 – I heard the vaccine changes your DNA. Is that true?

46:40 – Dr. Yeadon and Dr. Wodarg filed an application with the European Medical Agency (equivalent of their FDA) and asked for a suspension of the vaccine for pregnant women due to concerns of things crossing the placenta. https://ippocrateorg.org/en/2020/12/16/ex-pfizer-exec-demands-eu-halt-covid-19-vaccine-studies-over-indefinite-infertility-and-other-health-concerns/

48:50 – If we do take ivermectin as a prophylactic for covid, how long does that last? Dr. Ben shares a few studies by memory. You can find this data ivmmeta.com and covid19criticalcare.com.

50:40 – Dr. Ben speaks to terrain, being metabolically flexible, and gut flora in relation to the virulence of covid 19. He shares what a huge role peace plays in your immune function.

54:02 – Sugar, grains, and seed oils cause inflammation and you can find out more about these things that make you more susceptible to covid 19 by taking our wellness class at veritaswellness.health.

54:50 – He hopes to be able to visit with someone doing a study on autoimmunity induced by adjuvants.