On today’s show, Dr. Ben discusses various things that have happened recently and what 2023 will look like for Veritas.

You can get more information about Veritas, wellness education offered by Veritas, and archived radio shows at veritasmedical.com.

Dr. Ben begins by discussing New Year Resolutions and the lack of follow through with them.  There are some basic things people can do daily to help their health, like not sitting all day.

3:00 – Dr. Ben shares some of the information from Dr. Day’s study on a Blue Village in China.  Epigenetics is what people should really understand and focus on.

6:00 – Dr. Ben shares some of the history in medicine that has gotten us to where we are today.

9:55 – Dr. Ben discusses the lack of knowledge surrounding these topics today.  If people were aware of this history, they may be more motivated to seek out real food, hydration, get up and move, etc., but instead, they feel like victims regarding their health.

10:38 – Wade asks about mass vaccination in correlation to diseases, such as cancer.  Dr. Ben responds to this with some information that has come about recently. The site he references for athletes having cardiac arrest information is goodsciencing.com.

17:20 – Dr. Ben describes what happens with myocarditis and then discusses the 93 young Canadian doctors that have died.

21:30 – Wade asks about detoxing from the vaccine.  Dr. Ben shares what he has come across, but also discusses the emotional and spiritual side

25:30 – Dr. Ben discusses the dramatic turnaround of some of his patients in the past – things that shouldn’t have happened by medical standards.  The same thing can happen post-vaccine.  Just give the body what it needs and avoid what it doesn’t.

30:30 – He goes on to share what he will discuss during the second half of the show and what he is looking forward to in 2023.

32:52 – You can find all video talks, radio shows, testimonies, etc at veritasmedical.com.  You can also find our available plans there.  Dr. Ben shares some of the producers you can find in The Merc.

35:00 – This leads Dr. Ben in to a discussion about the gut lining, tight junctions, and immune responses.  He shares the benefits of fermented foods and the role they play in our gut microbiome.

39:00 – Dr. Ben discusses some of the details about our plans available and some of the education opportunities for the community.

46:10 – Dr. Ben shares his heart to dig in to what the Bible says about health and healing going forward.  You can see his video series “Why I believe” at https://veritasmedical.com/video-playlist-page/?playlistid=2.  You can find J. Warner Wallace’s work at https://coldcasechristianity.com and Lee Strobel’s work at https://leestrobel.com.