On today’s show, Dr. Ben does a live Q&A.

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Dr. Ben begins by sharing how most of the questions submitted for him were related to vaccines. Wade weighs in on how the scare-factor is being used as a tactic.

2:37– Dr. Ben shares the definitions of propaganda and how Project Veritas (not related to Veritas Medical) has found truths on how the media isn’t reporting fairly because of funding biases.

5:47 – Dr. Ben shares the names of some of the very qualified people he gets his news from. In this, he goes over how many of the successful home-based treatments for COVID 19 have been largely ignored.

9:12 – Dr. Ben talks about variants in viruses, specifically the “Delta” variant.

12:08 – Wade asks Dr. Ben to speak to how we should respond to Johnson & Johnson petitioning the government for offering a third shot. Dr. Ben answers with a three-part answer: trusting your God-given immune system, stewarding that immune system, and uses Ivermectin when needed.

15:35 – VAERS information from Friday (vaers.hhs.gov) and Dr. Ben shares of someone he will be seeing this week that has had an adverse reaction to the vaccine.

17:32 – Dr. Ben speaks to the mRNA collecting in organs throughout the body and what doctors and scientist around the world have to say about the vaccine.

21:10 – VAERS is backlogged and behind in reporting adverse reactions.

22:18 – Fear in lack of provision

23:12 – Dr. Ben addresses how natural immunity is far superior to the vaccine.

24:45 – Dr. Ben speaks to those people who may have had the vaccine and regret it. Repenting is necessary, followed by trusting the body. Physical things are secondary to fixing our heart.

29:39 – Should I start ivermectin prophylactically?

30:37 – Have I heard there is graphene oxide in the vaccine?

32:13 – Is raw dairy and freshly-milled bread more or less nutritious/inflammatory?

36:37 – Has Veritas changed their philosophy regarding bread?

49:07 – Dr. Ben closes by sharing some history in fighting cancer. He speaks specifically of Max Gerson and Royal Raymond Rife.