On today’s show, Dr. Ben shares what the Bible says about sickness.

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Dr. Ben begins by sharing about his upcoming interview with Dr. Peter McCullough that will air on next Monday’s show, followed by an interview the following week with Dr. Stephanie Seneff.

3:50– Wade asks Dr. Ben to expand upon the vaccine’s effectiveness on the delta variant of covid-19. Dr. Ben goes in to that and natural immunity.

5:42 – Dr. Ben gives some statistics from Isreal. He uses Isreal because their country has the highest rate of vaccination.

7:08 – Dr. Ben also speaks to kids being coerced to get the vaccine by various institutions, including colleges. He shares some of the adverse events reported on vaers.hhs.gov.

10:38 – Tom Renz has filed a lawsuit based on the information from a government whistleblower.

13:54 – Dr. Ben shares a bit of his own testimony.

19:58 – He goes in to the flaws in Darwin’s Theory. You can find his past interview with Michael Behe at https://veritascontent.blob.core.windows.net/audio/YTC2021/YTCLive03072021.mp3. You can also find Dr. Ben’s apologetics videos at https://rumble.com/c/c-735227.

27:53 – After the break, Dr. Ben takes a deeper dive in to what the Bible says about sickness.

28:40 – He begins by discussing God’s original intent.

32:26 – James 5:14, John 5:14 – Sickness related to sin

33:17 – John 11:4, James 9:2-3 – Sickness for God’s glory

34:22 – John 11:4 – Sickness unto death

34:47 – John 4:46-54 – Sickness for signs and miracles

35:14 – Acts 19:12, Luke 9:1 – Sickness due to evil spirits

36:43 – Hosea 4:6 – Lack of knowledge

37:52 – Dr. Ben speaks specifically to ingesting pro-inflammatory oils. You can find his interview with Dr. Chris Knobbe at https://veritascontent.blob.core.windows.net/audio/YTC2020/YTCLive08172020.mp3.

39:40 – Dr. Ben discusses what our thinking has to do with sickness and sin. We give authority to the enemy