On today’s show, Dr. Ben interviews Dr. Peter McCullough. Dr. Ben considers him a world expert on COVID 19.

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Dr. Ben begins by sharing a little information about Dr. McCullough and welcomes him to the show.

2:10 – Dr. McCullough shares his background and qualifications.

4:33 – Dr. McCullough gives us some insight in how he came to his recommended treatment plan by collaborating with what was happening in patients in Italy.

5:31 – Dr. Ben paints a timeline in Dr. McCullough’s actions in dealing with COVID 19.

6:23 – Dr. McCullough explains what prompted him to try hydroxychloroquine and how things got off track. This led to the writing of https://www.amjmed.com/article/S0002-9343(20)30673-2/fulltext.

9:50 – Dr. Ben asks Dr. McCullough to speak to how a fraudulent paper could make it in to The Lancet. Dr. McCullough explains what happened and how that led to nefarious activity regarding hydroxychloroquine.

12:06 – You can find 265 studies on hydroxychloroquine at hcqmeta.com.

12:47 – Dr. McCullough tells the tragedy of medical institutions offering no outpatient protocol for COVID 19, specifically speaking to the blockage of antibody therapy.

14:52 – Dr. Ben asks Dr. McCullough to share the protocol. People younger than 50 can download a home treatment guide at https://aapsonline.org/CovidPatientTreatmentGuide.pdf. Should you need oral medicine, he goes through that protocol.

20:00 – Dr. McCullough speaks to what is holding some doctors back from using these drugs that have been proven to help. Dr. Ben chimes in with part of what he thinks the problem could be.

24:12 – After the break, Dr. Ben summarizes what they talked about in the first half of the show and how that should put any fear someone may have to rest.

26:16 – Dr. Ben asks Dr. McCullough to share why, in the past, he actually recommended the vaccine for his patients, but now has changed that stance. Dr. McCullough goes in to how these vaccines are clearly unsafe, and he believes the program should be stopped immediately. Dr. Ben shares his thoughts as well.

30:44 – Dr. Ben speaks to efficacy and safety and how that data was actually manipulated. Dr. McCullough chimes in and shares what was done to make these vaccines look safe and effective when actually they aren’t, especially when related to the “delta” variant.

34:02 – Dr. Ben and Dr. McCullough share some data from Israel, a country that has a very high vaccination rate.

35:53 – Together, they discuss mutations and variants.

37:35 – Dr. Ben brings up the subject of natural immunity vs. vaccine immunity to which Dr. McCullough speaks to, along with the dangers of taking the vaccine after having COVID 19 and trying to coerce children to receive this vaccine.

40:13 – Dr. McCullough speaks to the fraud from the CDC in only reporting COVID 19 in unvaccinated people and how this has led our President to think that unvaccinated people are the only pandemic we have right now.

42:11 – Dr. Ben asks Dr. McCullough to give an educated guess/opinion on future complications that will surface because of this vaccine. After he answers, Dr. Ben gives some statistics found on childrenshealthdefense.org of children who have been injured and/or killed by this vaccine.