On today’s show, Dr. Ben interviews J.B. Handley about his articles, “Lockdown Lunacy” and “Lockdown Lunacy 2.0”. J.B. begins by sharing his motivation for writing the articles. He then outlines the important points in each article, most notably the herd immunity threshold. In his studies, he has found this number to be much lower, 10-20%, than the traditionally thought, 60-70%. He explains how latitudes and seasonal patterns cause different curve timings. He and Dr. Ben discuss the fallacy information surrounding the impending vaccine. J.B. shares how many mainstream scientist are speaking out against the response to Covid-19 and how it simply isn’t backed by science. After the break, they discuss Covid-19 deaths versus all-cause mortality deaths. During this discussion, they discuss masks and death rates. Dr. Ben finishes the show by talking about corruption, public trust, and how to take control of your own health.