On today’s show, Dr. Ben shares the exciting news about the direction Veritas is heading! Here at Veritas, we want to reach more people…before they’re sick. Our current medical model isn’t set up for that, so we are launching Veritas Wellness and Veritas Market. Ideally, all of our supplements should come from our food, but because of the current food industry and farming practices, it is necessary to supplement. Veritas Market, which will be open for membership to the public, will not only allow high quality nutrients to be bought around the world at a lower cost, but it will also allow the truth of wellness to be spread further and faster as well. In the 2nd half of the show, Dr. Ben gets in to quantum physics and how vibration frequencies make up the world that we know. This explains how thoughts impact so much of who we are and our health. This is where Veritas Wellness comes in. We have a desire to share wellness that is based in truth. We’re setting up an educational program to show how the two are completely intertwined.