On today’s show, Dr. Ben and Wellness Navigator, Nicole Powell, discuss last week’s podcast with Georgi Dinkov.

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Dr. Ben begins with explaining what the show will be about and gives some announcements.

4:18 – Dr. Ben gives his opinion on carbs, fat, losing weight, metabolism, etc.  With his opinion, he stresses the importance of the peace pillar over all of this information.  He reminds listeners of Georgi’s emphasis on muscle mass.  You can find Dr. Ben’s interview with Dr. McBride in our archives on April 10, 2023.

11:23 – Dr. Ben introduces Nicole to the show and asks her to share a bit of her background.  She shares part of her personal story in doing longterm low-carb and fasting, and pairs that with the testimonies of what she has seen in the patients she has walked with.  Nicole emphasizes the need to seek the Holy Spirit regarding what is best for your body.

17:11 – Dr. Ben shares the struggle in finding the balance between seeking answers for your health from a doctor and getting your information from the Holy Spirit.  He cautions listeners to allow the Holy Spirit to guide those decisions.

19:18 – Dr. Ben shares a testimony of a close family member and how his advice to this person has changed from what it would have been 1 year ago.

24:10 – After the break, Dr. Ben asks Nicole to share her experience, personally and with patients, of adding carbs back without cutting back on the amount of fat in the diet.

29:25 – Dr. Ben comments about the competing fuel sources of carbs and fat and reminds listeners that muscle likes to burn fat when at rest.

31:50 – Nicole brings up the deeper issue of peace/lies we’ve believed and the role that plays when someone is confused about what to eat.

35:54 – Dr. Ben makes mention of the fact about how often dietary and movement advice changes with various studies.  He goes on to discuss the peace pillar and renewing the mind.

46:48 – Nicole chimes in with the importance of getting a basic understanding of body, soul, and spirit.

51:33 – Dr. Ben speaks to a false sense of security.  He goes on to share how important it is to seek wise counsel and encourages listeners to press in to the peace pillar.